Museum inside a poolbar
Adam and Eve Duerer Adam a. Eve 1504
Adam und Eve Original 1504
Dore Jesus birth
Dore Original Dore
La Tour St.Seb. tended by St.Irene
La Tour Orig. La Tour
Raffael St.Michael and the dragon
Raphael original Raphael
Rubens Abduction of gaughters of Leukypposr
Rubi original Rubens
Delacroix Liberty leading the people
E Delacroix original Delacroix
Jaques Luis David death of Marat
David original David
Lautrec two sisters
fehlt not orig. Lautrec
Van Gogh bedromm in Arles
Yan Gogh original Gogh
Picasso Marie-Therese Walter 1937
Picasso original Picasso
pool room Pool room

Eight years ago me and a friend (Günter Meister) had a nice job in a pool bar.
We copied 10 paintings (2 x 1,60 m) of famous artists from different epochs, from Dürer to Picasso.
I changed the originals and added things like pool tables, cues, triangels, balls.
At first the owner was not shure if this is the right idea for his bar. But when the work was done he
had a very
unique room and was (he still is) glad about his decision. A few people were embarrassed by some
specially the ones with religious themes. "Always look on the bright site of life" .
It took us one day for one picture and another 3 days for the frames.