new design 09 new design 09
new design 09 new design 09
Hip Hop Pigs Hip Hop Pigs
Drum Pig Drum Pig
Rock`n`Roll Pig Rock`n`Roll Pig
Bass Pig Bass Pig
Pig Trio Pig Trio
Move your ass Move your ass
Meat me backstage Meat me backstage
Fly like an Igel Fly like an Igel
Drum  Killer Drum Killer
Bullet Frogs Bullet Frogs
Drum Killer Drum Killer
Tribal Tribal
Hard Volume Hard Volume
Drum Kroko Drum Kroko
Natural Style Natural Style
Zebra Pigs Zebra Pigs
baldissoweit baldissoweit

ROCK YOU! MUSIC SHIRTS is a collection of shirts with music design concepts.
As a musician and artist working in the music business, I develop a lot of ideas for t-shirts.
The company CHW prints the designs and is in charge of distrubution.
Shirts are high quality, 190 gram heavyweight with high value screen printings.
Contact is : motive+ideen@chw-motivfabrik.de or
Phone : 0049 2689 290924